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    Vizql log - No user identifier

    Daniel Brun

      I am looking at the log files however the user tag is always set to "-". Is that normal? Does anyone know how to resolve it?



      {"ts":"2016-03-16T12:46:35.542","pid":14552,"tid":"3908","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"{FF5E7E69-4F00-41DC-875F-3032CDDF4D02}","user":"-","k":"end-query","v":{"query":"SELECT `sale_phone`.`Category` AS `Category`,\n  SUM(1) AS `sum_Number of Records_ok`,\n  SUM(TRUNCATE(`sale_phone`.`Spend`,0)) AS `sum_Spend_ok`\nFROM `sale_phone`\nWHERE (`sale_phone`.`Category` IN ('Bedding', 'Home Decor', 'Housewares', 'Women'))\nGROUP BY 1","cols":3,"protocol-id":0,"rows":4,"elapsed":0.002,"query-hash":1430024070}}