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    RSERVE On Remote Linux...poor performance

    Ryan Stacklin



      I have an RServe instance set up on a CentOS VM on my internal network.  I am sending jobs to it using a remote instance of Tableau Server, but the performance of RServe is extremely poor.  I tested this prior with a local instance of RServe on Windows.  The job on the local instance took about a minute, and the job on the remote box takes about an hour, if it finishes.  The process on the CentOS box uses maybe 1% CPU and a very small amount of memory.  I also tested this on a remote Windows 20012R2 machine with similar poor performance.  Let's focus on the Linux instance.  Here is some info on the setup and other facts:


      RServe V1.8-5

      CentOS v6.4 (4 core, 16GB RAM)

      In Rserve debug mode, I can see jobs being returned to Tableau

      No authentication is being used

      My Rserv.conf file looks like this:

      workdir /tmp/Rserv

      remote enable

      auth disable

      plaintext enable

      port 6311

      maxinbuf 4000000  (I made this really big during troubleshooting)

      gid 456

      uid 123

      Tableau Server v9.2.4

      There are no "throttles" on the Linux box from an administration standpoint.


      Have you have any suggestions on what is causing this, I would surely appreciate some help.  The machine seems to be sized well.  The machines are communicating.  The flow is just amazingly slow.



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          Ryan Stacklin

          I'm at the end of researching this any further.  There is not acceptable result, but here's what I've found:


          - The performance improved when I installed the "supported" version of Rserve (v0.6.8).  This is an older version of Rserve, so be cognizant of what version you are installing.  The performance on the remote Linux machine went from taking over an hour to render results, to returning results in 7 minutes or so.


          - With that said, tests still showed that the local version of Rserve was 10X faster than the remote version. 


          - Using the remote instance of Rserve will not be acceptable in our environment.  The time-to-result is too long. 


          - Using Rserve locally on the production server machines isn't currently an option I'm willing to explore.  It would not be good practice to add a service that may compete with Tableau Server for resources.  I possibly would consider it if Rserve performance and resource requirements were documented well enough to make informed decisions.


          - Tableau Support response:  "...the described issue falls beyond our scope. ..While we cannot investigate further into why the remote RServe instance is slow...I can confirm that a local install is usually much faster." 


          Let me hear if your experience differs from this.