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    Èxtract Not Updating TDE Files

    Andrew MacNeill

      Hi all....


      Working with the Python API.


      I'm working on a Tableau Extract that has already been created but need to append some new data to it. If I use the examples that create data, I have no issue whatsoever. If I create a TDE file and then subsequently add fields to it, again, I have no problem.


      # ok lets add the new def as a table in the extract

      if tdefile.hasTable("Extract"):

          tabletran = tdefile.openTable("Extract")

          tableDef = tabletran.getTableDefinition()


          tabletran = tdefile.addTable("Extract",tableDef)



      However, if I take an existing TDE that was included in the TWBX file (renaming the Zip file, etc) and attempt to add records to it, nothing is added. I don`t get an error and everything finishes off as it should - BUT the TDE file is never updated with the new entries (the date/timestamp doesn't even change).


      Is it possible there`s something locking it up in Tableau so the data isn`t really added?


      I dug a bit further and found that when I read the table structure for the existing file, it is showing fields with a type of String but there are accents in the data suggesting they should be shown as unicode. Could that be something or is it a red herring?