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    Using measure names to filter

    Casey Terp

      Sorry for the vague title. I'm trying to use measure names to filter, but running into some issues. I'm using web traffic data, and have two weeks, week 6 and week 8. I have two worksheets right now, one shows Week over Week percent change for each metric, one shows the weekly total for each metric. I put both sheets into a dashboard, and I want to be able to use the percent change worksheet as a filter for the overall total worksheet, but for the measure only, not the week. The idea being - ok there was a 50% increase in page views from last week, now can I click the page views measure on the percent change, and see the previous weeks totals for page views. Dashboard attached!

      Thanks in advance.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Howdy Casey,


          i would do this by modifying the data.  Is your data actually in a CSV such as in the example supplied or is it in a different database type?  In the example supplied, I have selected all of the fields in the data source except Week and Tracking code and then pivoted the data in the Edit Data Source screen.  Once this is done, each measure name is in a field "Pivot field name" and each value is in "Pivot field values".  Once in this form, we can create the sort of filter and view desired because the measure name field is a Dimension that can be referenced.


          This is in 9.3 version.  Let me know if you need in an earlier version or don't understand what I did to achieve the desired outcome.