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    Need inputs on the data modelling to be done

    vinutha vasanthu

      I have a following requirement.I am new to Tableau and i am not sure on how to go ahead with this requirement.

      >Set of LOBS to be fetched for different months---Submit

      On submission the following should be displayed with the results computed

      LOB,Total Premium,Posted Policies,Total Posted Premium,Outstanding Premium,Manual Premium

      Each one stated above has a SQL query which gets executed and the results are displayed for that particular field.Please find the screen shot attached.


      Manual Premium --this is the query to be executed

      SELECT GrossPremium     

      FROM UMBPremium

      WHERE Batch_ID = 1234

      AND Feed_ID = '10003'

      AND CONVERT(datetime2,Policy_Effective_Date) <= CASE WHEN SUBSTRING(Writing_Company,0,4) = 'Got' THEN CONVERT(datetime2,'2014-6-1')

      ELSE CONVERT(datetime2,'2013-8-1') END

      The above mentioned requirement is already developed in ssrs.I need to develop the same in Tabeau.