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    February 2016 Sydney Tableau User Group

    Chale Dodge


      Hi Sydney Tableau User Group Members,



      Hope those that got to attend the conference earlier in the month enjoyed it and had a great time. I know we did!



      Just letting you know that the resources provided from the event are available at the Sydney Tableau User Group Community Page:





      We have also included a useful links guide for Maps available here:

      Useful Mapping Links - from Sydney Tableau User Group presentation Feb 2016


      Please reach out if you would like to speak at the next Tableau User Group in May. Do keep your feedback coming on topics or presenters that you want to see. At the moment we are only doing snap-shot analysis directly after the events. If you want to provide further feedback please feel free to post in the community.



      Level of Detail has been raised as a recurring topic item request and learning for some, so we will probably cover that topic in detail. If you find it quite easy please reach out. We are also going to be having a bit of a competition with AirBNB data - more info to follow on that one. For those looking for some User Stories we will probably have some of our local Sydney Users present from content at the conference and share their stories.



      Those that enjoyed mapping - please let us know and we could do a Mapping v2 with the team from Alteryx & find some users of MapBox or QGIS to give more info & support. Please send through Use Cases so we could help bring that together for you.



      We look forward to adding value to your Tableau Journey to hear your stories, along with barriers and challenges you are facing.





      Chale & Priya