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    User Group Content - How to Map Anything in Tableau

    Ryan Sleeper

      User Group Leaders -


      I wanted to share a recent presentation that I created for the Omaha TUG. I'm also presenting this material at the Kansas City TUG on 3/22.


      The presentation covers most of the maps that can be created in Tableau starting with the most basic symbol maps and concluding with custom polygon maps. I thought the presentation went fairly well because there is something for all skill levels and it provides some tangible tutorials that can be used immediately by the audience.


      The presentation can provide 60 - 90 minutes of material depending on how much of each example you create.


      If you are interested in using this presentation yourself, I would start by reviewing the PowerPoint attachment called TUG, How to Map Anything in Tableau. There are notes on pertinent slides with links to additional resources. The PowerPoint is white-labeled so you can plug in your own information / use your own template.


      Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you use this!


      - Ryan