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    How to embed Workbook in Tableau Server into another website.

    Trần Ngọc Sơn

      Hi everyone,

      My customer use tableau server and have traditional website. My customer want to embed Workbook in Tableau server into the website.

      I have  2 case:

      1. I want to embed workbook with permission Viewer. If I can embed workbook in tableau server into website, my customer can view without user access? Or i create user to login tab tableau server in Website.

      I can try information but i just see embed through tableau pulic, it's dangerous for security.

      2. Another workbook, i want everyone can see it without access.


      Example: in tableau server i have 2 dashboard, dashboard A and dashboard B.

      I want to imbed 2 dashboard into the website, bsdvn.com.  With dashboard A, i want to everyone to see it without access. With dashboard B, only member website can see it.