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    could anyone please help mocking this excel graph in tableau its a combichart

    archana nekkalapudi



      Could anyone please help mocking this excel graph and chart in tableau.its a progress chart of the total number of passed,failed,blocked,not planned etc test cases.the graph in tab shows the progress for a day to day. i have attached the raw data as well as the graph and the table which needs to be mocked in tableau.i am still learning my humble request to please guide and me help me through it.thank you

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          Chale Dodge

          Hi archana nekkalapudi


          Happy to help guide you on the path to your answer.


          Just to confirm you are wanting to create a Gantt chart?


          Have you tried following this guide?

          Creating a Gantt Chart for Small Time Increments | Tableau Software


          It looks like you almost have it - the data also should be structured in the same columns - not flattened out as you have done in the Progress Chart.


          IE this format:

          Date Column Value

          11/01/2016 Pass 0

          11/01/2016 Cum. Pass 0


          Does that make sense? Then you should have an easier time with it.


          Also to work this towards live data I think that this worksheet is missing a step for the calculations to get to your Progress Chart table from the Raw Data. Unfortunately as my domain knowledge is not in the testing domain I am not sure of your calculations. If you talked me through 1 row with calculations you may be able to embed that in Tableau. Once I have that information I am happy to provide you with a mockup - or someone may jump ahead of me.