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    Calculated Fields in Tableau 9.2


      Hello All,


      We have a requirement from our clients regarding the dashboard creation using Tableau.


      We have 5 variables which comes from table dim_account, and we have to create a calculated field which will show the facts like Actual, Budget, Variance, VariencePercentage by filtering on each and individual department from dim_account. Please find attached the ppt and guide me on creating the variables.


      We are connecting directly to SQL server base tables.


      Best Regards,


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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi Ramesh,


          I may be missing something, but it looks like you might be overcomplicating your problem.


          1. Create a new worksheet.

          2. Drag [Department Alias] to the Filters shelf.

          3. Select 1 of the departments to show

          4. Drag [Account Alias2] to the Rows Shelf

          5. Drag [Measure Names] to the Rows Shelf to the right of [Account Alias2]

          6. Add [Measure Values] to the Text Shelf

          7. Right-click on [Department Alias] on the filters shelf and select Show Filter


          you should now be able to select between departments and show only the proper associated values.


          If this approach doesn't work the best way to get an accurate answer would be to post a sample workbook along with expected values. It significantly helps us in the community to be able to try out an example.