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    Having items for Tuesday populate as Monday


      Hey guys, I have an issue that I cannot rectify.  Our data pulls early morning for the previous days work, so when we create our metrics for the 5 day work week it appears that the work is being done from Tuesday to Saturday.  This is b/c Monday's work is pulled from the database in that early morning pull and therefore shows on Tuesday.  I need to write a statement so that every day shows one day back.  I have tried to write the following case statement but either a) I didn't write it correctly, or b) I am using it incorrectly.  Any ideas?


      case [Day Of Week]

      when 'Tuesday' then 'Monday'

      when 'Wednesday' then 'Tuesday'

      when 'Thursday' then 'Wednesday'

      when 'Friday' then 'Thursday'

      when 'Saturday' then 'Friday'