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    cumulative percent total calculation that bypasses filter




      I want to calculate the cumulative % total, but the last bar is always 100%...


      Each bar represents an hour. When I add more then 4 hours to the filter, all of the cumulative percents shift, with the new last bar going to 100%.


      I want to calculate the true cumulative %, which would be the number of records in the given hour/number of records for the sum of 24 hours....


      I also don't want to just count every single record in the database in the denominator, as this current view already has several filters restricting it. I want to preserve the filters when calculating the denominator except the filter restricting the hours to only 4 hours.


      I am looking for a table calculation or LOD calc that allows me to do this. The calc's I have tried have been unsuccessful. Any help appreciated.