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    calculating variance between 2 averages

    George North

      OK so I need a little help doing something in Tableau that I do in Excel all the time.. and i dont know why this is so hard for me here


      Below is a Bit of the data i am working with ... It has sales numbers for hotel rooms  from a Project ( the Hotel ) and the account ( a company like IBM)


      what I am doing is simply taking the Average Daily Revenue (ADR) for an account (Revenue / Days)  then I subtract that from the ADR of the Project (the total of all the days and Revenue for all accounts) so I can see what accounts are bringing the Total ADR UP and what are bringing it down..


      Project #Account #DaysRevenueADRADR Var from Project
      Total Project326$34,889.60$107.02



      My problem is that in Tableau I have filters going so that when I select a filter for a particular account all the other accounts get removed from the Total Projects numbers and my variance result always ends up at 0 once I apply the filter..


      How do I lock the Total project ADR so it is not impacted by the filtering


      now to make things a little more complex, in the end I have 150+ Projects and many of those Projects share accounts.. so I need to be able to Filter on a particular project so I am only seeing the results for accounts that are staying at a specific Project.