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    Video and Slides from the last San Diego TUG meeting (Mar 3rd, 2016)

    Matt Shoemaker

      Many thanks to Scott Steahl, Chris Toomey, and Matt Irwin for their excellent presentations at last week's meeting!


      You can find Chris' Mapbox video at the following link:


      SanDiegoUserGroup720.mov - Google Drive


      You can download Scott's presentation on split control-charts along with the TWBX and accompanying how-to document at the following links:


      SD Tableau User Group.pptx - Google Drive


      Split Control Chart Example.twbx - Google Drive


      Hypothesis Testing Calculator.docx - Google Drive


      Lastly, someone at the previous meeting had asked how to display more than 16 separate columns in Tableau and Jim Morrison from Renovate America provided a document that shows how to do that:


      How to Show More than 16 columns in Tableau.pdf - Google Drive


      Thanks everyone for participating!