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    YTD and QTD in text table

    Murat Topal

      Hi all!


      I'm using tableau since for a few weeks and the tableau support communities was a great help for my questions that I had.

      But now I have a problem with the YTD and QTD calculations.

      Here is the thing.


      I want to use the text table. Showing my KPI's like revenues, Gross profit, Ebit and Adjusted Ebit in rows and the posting date in columns with showing the year 2015 and months ( october, november, december)

      My question is, how can I show YTD and QTD in the same text table in a separate calculation as a column next to my KPI's? Do I need a special calculation?

      I'm using

      IF [(Posting Date)] <=TODAY() AND DATEDIFF('year',[(Posting Date)],#2015-12-31#)= 0 THEN [Amount] END which I found here at the Support Community, but it always shows me it in a row not in a column. I would like to show in separate column YTD sum of Revenues, the same for Gross profit and Ebit.

      Can someone help me with my problem please?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Hi Murat,


          could you please attach a sample workbook. This would make it easier to help you.


          From your description i guess that your YTD sums are continuous measures which are always displayed in a row. If you change them to discrete measures they would be displayed as text columns.