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    I need help with an aggregated filter.

    Blake Harris

      I need help with a calculated field.

      Below is a snip from the sheet in question.

      What this data is showing are customers who have "A La Carte" services with us.

      For Example:  Acct Nbr 2030100 has Data and Voice services that are A La Carte.

      When I go to the dashboard and filter out based on the "data" value, (meaning it discards all the "Voice" and "Video" data) we will see this same acct but it will only be showing the "Data" information.

      So at first glance, if we were to use this for marketing purposes, we would say "we are looking at ONLY Data customers and so this should be are marketing list for Voice and Video services."

      However, that isn't the case as I previously mentioned.

      What kind of filter can I create that when I select it to look at ONLY Voice, it is keeping only the customers with Voice services?

      Thank you for your help.