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    Calculated Field to return multiple values?

    Aman Lamba

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I know this is an odd request; but I just don't have any choice as of now except for asking it here. I'm trying to create a calculated field that can return more than 1 value. The dimensions / values that I need don't exist in current data set and there is no way that I can change / modify the existing data source. I'm trying to create a calculated field that returns 2 values i.e. "YTD" and "MTD". Although I do have Year and Month field in the data set, but I'm still not able to create something that returns me these 2 string values.


      I've gone through this Calculated Field - Return multiple values  post as well but couldn't find the solution to my problem here.


      I tried doing it by creating 2 calculated fields YTD and MTD separately; than creating a set of each thinking that i can create a combined set; obviously it didn't work. I'm open to any suggestion as of now.