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    Can I force inclusion of one attribute on a filter, plus the viewers selection(s)

    Mike B

      I have a dataset (excel) where the first 2 columns are filters for the third column which contains row labels.



      MainGroupSubGroupRow Header


      DemographicsAge13 to 18
      DemographicsAge19 to 29
      DemographicsAge30 to 49


      A viewer can select Demographics from the MainGroup filter, and see all rows grouped by SubGroup, or use a second filter to only show the rows from a specific SubGroup.


      I also have a row header called "Total", that I would like to include everywhere. Meaning it is always included regardless of which selection is made in Main Group or SubGroup.


      I've got the total row in the same format as the table above, like this:

      MainGroupSubGroupRow Header


      TotalOverall Total


      Is there a way to ALWAYS include MainGroup = Total & SubGroup = Total PLUS whatever a user has selected as a filter from MainGroup and SubGroup?