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    Identifying Changed Fields from Previous Period

    Ryan Rubens



      I have a monthly report that I upload to an Access table, which is connected to Tableau. Each report lists the month created, so I can create historical trend analysis. One report I need to develop is a list of all records that have changed since the previous period. Specifically, there are a few fields that I track on a monthly basis and need to know if the current value is the same or different than the previous months. However, sometimes this field is not numerical and sometimes it is. Here is an example of some records.



      Jan 2016

      Client AABC
      Jan 2016Client BDEF
      Jan 2016Client CNull
      Feb 2016Client AABC
      Feb 2016Client BGHI
      Feb 2016Client CNull


      I would like to create a report that filters out the Clients A & C, as their 'Code' field has not changed since the previous period. Since Client B's 'Code' has changed, I would like to report to only show Client B in the above example.


      Any help you can provide would be appreciated.