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    Great resource: declutter your data visualizations

    Amber Smart

      Hello TUG leaders!


      Here's a great video from Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic's blog on decluttering data visuals:  declutter your data visualizations — storytelling with data


      Hope you all have a great day!


      Amber Smart


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          Rina Bongsu-Petersen

          This is a great video!  Great content and she is very organized and thorough.


          I strongly believe every visual designer/developer needs to understand this concept before they develop any visuals.

          It is a more efficient process if a developer is to implement these principles when they design the viz than to fix it after the fact.


          I may use this topic in our meeting and do a make-over implementing these principles. I think it will be a fun and informative session.


          Thank you for sharing this!


          Rina Petersen

          Chicago TUG

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