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    All wars... Ever.

    Mark Fraser


      This is not mine, I have no involvement, its not even in Tableau.

      I just read about it in a news article and thought id share.

      Article >> The map trying to record every battle ever fought - BBC News



      A Dutch company is attempting to map all the battles in history using Wikipedia.

      The Dutch data project Nodegoat is using an algorithm to piece together the details, taking the information from DBPedia, which collates information from Wikipedia, and the Wikidata database.


      Their site, with write up, Viz and source data



      Lots of caveats apply... but it maybe interesting and/ or inspirational to someone...




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          Simon Runc

          hi Mark,


          ...Thanks for sharing this...I get quite a lot of my info from BBC (being English, and also in theory the only news channel we have without commercial-conflicts-of-interests [UK version is  ad-free]...but as I say this is only in theory!!), but missed this one. It's a very interesting (and ambitious) project.


          It also highlights the pros/cons of 'algorithmic' mining/scraping...Peoples comments are funny (if a little unrealistic..."you've missed this Battle", "that wasn't a Battle"...etc). I meet this reaction quite a lot. People (seem to) take great pleasure in pointing out where the bot has missed something...my reaction is generally, well it took about half a day and is 95% right, would the extra 5% (by getting a human to do it manually) be worth the 6 months it would take?


          ...would like to get the data into Tableau and see what we can see. Despite the perception are we actually getting less violent? (similar to Hans Rosling's work on the 'reality' of human progress in wealth, heath, and education)...I suspect we are, but would be interesting to have a look...with the caveat, which is a great point, that there is a bias to the Battles documented on Wikipedia (more Western History [Wiki-contributor-bias], and less from ancient times [less surviving documentation])