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    Reset all Vizualization in all the Dashboards with one click

    Umang Desai



      I have three dashboards connected to each other. The flow of the data is - user clicks on first dash board and it changes bar charts on Dashboard1 itself. Then User clicks on bar chart and it takes him to the second dashboard and then to the third. I need to make a navigation where

      1. User can have reset button on all three dashboards which if he clicks then It will bring him to the first dashboard with all the filters clear from all the dashboard. ( basically start over)

      2. Dashboard 2 and 3 should have a back button to go back to previous step of the navigation


      Has anyone created something like this?

      I would much appreciate any help.

      I have worked on it for long time but couldn't figure out yet..


      Please provide the detail explanation in your answer. 


      Thank you..!