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    Maine Tableau User Group Meeting - March 24 in Augusta

    Jonathan Drummey



      The next MaineTUG meeting will be on March 24 in Augusta, there will be an introduction to Tableau 9.3 as well as a workshop by yours truly:

      Help! My Data is Dirty! Hands-On Workshop

      Learn how to use Tableau to better see and understand data in situations where data may not be ‘clean’. Tableau Zen Master Jonathan Drummey will lead a workshop on techniques for using Tableau to clean up and validate data sets to create analytics-ready data sources. Joins, blends, aliases, primary groups, and more will be discussed. You will learn how this use of Tableau actually presents one of the better opportunities to get immediate value from Tableau. If you can, bring a laptop with Tableau 9.2 installed.


      Here's where to register, hope to see you there!


      Maine Tableau User Group Tickets, Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 7:30 AM | Eventbrite