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    Strategies to Drive User Group Engagement

    Michael Perillo

      Strategies to Drive User Group Engagement

      Tableau User Group Leader Community – February 2016


      The Tableau Community is an enthusiastic and generous group of people who exhibit a passion around the product to help people see and understand data. Our Tableau User Group leaders help their local and virtual communities connect one another to inspire, teach, innovative and evangelize Tableau brilliantly.


      This advice piece is geared to provide TUGs with high-level, simple and creative methods to attract, retain and grow future Tableau enthusiasts in your communities. It’s important to evaluate your methods within each category to document what worked, what didn’t work, and what activities should be stopped.


      Use this as a guide and contribute to keep the ideas flowing.


      Attract: How do you attract new community members and how do you get them to attend meetings?

      • Host a Tableau Workshop (Teach Tableau Basics to New Users)
      • Hold Meetings at various customer locations to offer unique experiences
      • Develop your Social Media footprint. Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Meetup and Eventbrite
      • Engage your local Tableau Sales and Marketing teams to help promote the TUGs
      • Engage with local recruiters and hiring managers searching and promoting Tableau talent to drive attendance

      Retain: You have attendance, how do you keep them coming back?

      • Involve your members; offer and assign roles to help your TUG grow. See Toastmasters Membership Growth Tips
      • Split Meeting (First Half: Beginners / Second Half: Advanced)
      • Partner Product Demos. Demos should highlight Tableau integration, not “sales”
      • Use polls and feedback methods to engage users to improve meeting topics and flow
      • Hold Live Demonstrations / Hands-On Activities in your meetings
      • Use Eventbrite to promote events, engage users for feedback. Learn the tools within the product to help facilitate feedback, communication, attendance and more.

      Grow: How do you grow your community effectively to keep things fresh and active?

      Ensure learning is taking place and components of your meeting have immediate actions users can take.  Choose topics that provoke thought and encourage discussion – get everyone involved! Structure meetings to promote a positive learning experience. Most importantly, be familiar with Tableau’s product and service offerings and partner products.  You never know when someone is challenged with an issue and you can offer them help.  Community Inspiration



      Thanks to Andy Piper (Atlanta TUG), Anthony Chamberas, (Boston TUG) Denise Peck (Denver TUG), Geoffrey Felix (France TUG), Lee Feinberg, (New York/New Jersey TUG) and Matt Shoemaker (San Diego TUG) for contributing. 



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