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    Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #8 (Mapping) Recap

    Russell Spangler

      Recap and followup information regarding the Cincinnati Tableau user group event #8 can be posted in the following thread.  I would like to give a huge thank you to Larry Porter and UC Center for Business Analytics (UCBusiness Analytics (@UCBusAnalytics) | Twitter ) for hosting the event.  I also would like to thank those that presented, attended the event, and the employees at Tableau that assisted with the event.


      The introduction slides and the slides that I (Russell Spangler) presented are located at the following link: Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #8 (Mapping)

      Craig Wortman's MLB travel viz is located here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/craig.wortman#!/

      Jeff Shaffer's visualization are located on his tableau public profile: | Tableau Public  and his personal website: Data + Science


      I'll edit this posting this weekend and include workbooks, data, code samples and additional links for the items that we can share back to the user group.