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    Looking to format date in a specific way, based on first available day

    Casey Terp

      Hi everyone,

      I'm creating a social media dashboard to compare how product launch results compare with one another. We typically breakdown the data by the 14 day teaser period, the day of the launch, and then the 14 day post launch period. So for my excel data I get a list of the individual social media posts for the launch, with some data for each post.


      Ideally I'd love to be able to find a way to say that the first 14 days of data I have for Launch A are all in the teaser phase, the 15th day is the launch day, and the last 14 days are post launch.


      For an example: say our teaser period started on October 6th. Ideally I'd be able to use tableau to say that October 6th for Product B should be treated as "day 1".  Does anyone know of a way to do this?  Previously I was manually tagging my data with "teaser" "launch" and "post launch" to be able to show results in Tableau. While not awful, this can be time consuming.



      Thank you!