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    Display data based on CY or FY based on Parameter

    Aimee Dubbs

      I'm trying to benchmark some data based on several different surveys. Internally we benchmark against a FY based dataset while we also benchmark external data against a CY based dataset.  I'm also using a blended data set which complicates things.


      I need some ideas:

      I've tried to use a parameter to switch between two date fields (one is a CY based version and the other is a FY based version), and this does not work based on how I have set it up.


      Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this work?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Mayer

          Aimee -

          We probably need some more details to be able to help - maybe you can create a workbook using the Superstore data & blend with data mocked up in Excel?


          That said, I've solved some thorny fiscal year issues by not using the built-in fiscal year functionality in Tableau, but rather creating an "Adjusted" date calculated field that simply translates a FY date into a CY date.


          For example, if your fiscal year starts in April 2015, you can "adjust" all dates to calendar 2016 with the calculated field:

          DATEADD('month', 9, [My Date])


          So April = January, May = February, June = March, etc.


          Maybe this will spark an idea for you...


          Otherwise please post a packaged workbook & I'm sure someone here will help you out.