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    How do you add Sub-category groups to Hierarchy?

    Kevin McKay

      Tableau community,


      This question that has been stumping me all morning: 


      "Analyzing the product sub-categories: if it has a total profit of $30,000 or greater, it is ‘Exceptional’; between 15,000 and 30,000 is ‘Good’; and less than that is ‘Poor’.  How many sub-categories are in our ‘Good’ bucket? Please display ‘Exceptional’, ‘Good’, and ‘Poor’ on the chart, differentiated by colors of your choice."


      As you can see in the attached table, I have been able to sort out the sub-categories by Sum(Profit).  I have added groups for the 3 groups (Exceptional/Good/Bad profit) in the dimensions plane, but can't figure out how to accurately add it to the hierarchy so that I can display the 3 groups on the worksheet.  I feel this should be easy to do, but can't figure it out!  Any ideas on how I can accomplish this?  Thanks in advance for your help!



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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Kevin!


          We can use an LOD calc to create the buckets which will replicate the results at the row level.  This allows the calc to be a Dimension which we can drag into the hierarchy.

          I created a calc called [Sub-Cat Buckets] using this formula:


          IF { fixed [Sub-Category] : SUM([Profit]) } >= 30000

              THEN 'Exception'

              ELSEIF { fixed [Sub-Category] : SUM([Profit]) } >= 15000

                  THEN 'Good'

              ELSE 'Poor'



          I then dragged the new calc onto the viz to the left of [Sub-Category]:

          2-29-2016 8-42-41 AM.png


          Hope this helps! Thanks