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    Conditional coloring and adding custom shapes




      I was playing around with Tableau but without success with my problems. Maybe some of you can help me to figure out the solution.

      Colors and Shapes.png

      What I am missing:


      1. Is it possible to with this kind of structure, be able to color figures in ProfitRatio column? Let's say I wish to color values between 68 to 69

      2. Is it possible to instead of having number on Calculatio2 columns, put custom shapes with logic, e.g. If Sales > Profit then put STAR or green Circle.


      I attached workbook.

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          John Sobczak

          There may be a way, but the key is you cannot conditionally color or use shapes on the header pane which are the columns you are asking about.  If you can find a way to put these columns on the data pane via measure names then you will have control over this.  Maybe 2 separate sheets side by side might get you there but then you have to somehow make sure they never get out of alignment with each other.