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    Filtering: Use 'Keep only' automatically and allowing two sheets in laout container to auto-resize?

    Emily Brown

      Hi Guys,


      Thanks in advance, this is a few questions rolled into one.


      1. I'd like to know if there is a way that when you select an option from the filter you can get it to 'keep only' automatically and without having to click again? (i.e. If I select 'Perth & Kinross' from below the map and it only shows 'Perth & Kinross' in that box, all other Districts names should disappear instead of greying out).


      2. Then when I select 'Perth & Kinross' that box should shrink to fit only that District & allow the 'Communities' box below to expand into the space in order to display all the names - sounds simple but it's been driving me nuts!


      Additional query -


      3. If I put in a post code in the box (top right) it auto shows the district on it's own... (brilliant!) How can I get it to also force it to show the community too, without then clicking on the district? 


      4. If I use the full UK postcode (i.e. TD1 3SP) the map doesn't zoom, but if I use the outer postcode (TD1) it does zoom, and even (TD1 3) it still zooms, not sure what's happening?!


      So the ultimate aim is - if I put TD1 in the post code search box I'd like to see: 'East Lothian' and 'Scottish Borders' in the District box and then the 10 or so communities that are between those districts in TD1 displayed in the communities box, without having to make any additional clicks. Same with using the slider (top right) to see most deprived or least deprived areas. I know this is probably counteracting the 'click one district to show communities' filter action, so I understand if this isn't possible.




      I've attached the tableau workbook - I'm using version 9.0 fyi.