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    Remove loops from the Data model Tableau

    Waseem Md

      I have a requirement where I need to create a data source connection in Tableau as per the data model in Cognos. The requirement is to join 5 tables (2 dimension and 3 fact tables) D1, D2, F1, F2, F3.

      Joins :


      D1 <-> F1

      D1 <-> F2

      D1 <-> F3

      D2 <-> F1

      D2 <-> F2

      D2 <-> F3


      When I give joins as per above and create a data source in Tableau, it would create loops as below and the data values for the measures would get incorrect.


      In Cognos to handle this kind of situation there is an option called as Alias Shortcut for dimension tables which can be created to break the loops formed in the data model.


      However can someone let me know if there is any such option in Tableau.

      data model.JPG