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    Creating a datasource conneciton with multiple facts and dimension tables.

    Waseem Md

      I have created a data source connection in Tableau as per the data model in Cognos. The requirement is to join 3 tables (1 dimension and 2 fact tables) D1, F1, F2.

      D1 <-> F1

      D1 <-> F2


      However, when I create a report using this data source(only using columns CD1, CF1 from D1 and F1 respectively) I am not getting proper results(The measure values are getting increased(multiplied) in the report when compared to the report in Cognos).


      And when I checked the generated query in the log for the report it shows the query even includes join condition with F2.


      select CD1, CF1

      from D1 INNER JOIN F1 ON D1.D1K1 = F1.F1K1

             INNER JOIN F2 ON D1.D1K2 = F2.F2K2


      However in Cognos when we define the same data model and create the similar report as above the query generated does not include the join with the F2 fact table.



      In cognos :

      select CD1, CF1

      from D1 INNER JOIN D2 ON D1K1 = FK1


      I would like to know if there is some option or work around for this kind of issue in Tableau where we join multiple tables(D1, F1, F2) and the reports which we create using columns from one dimension table D1 and one fact table F1 should not include the other F2 table in the query while generation of the reports.


      Please let me know in case of clarification.


      Note : Splitting the data source into more than 1 data source connection D1 <-> F1 and D2 <-> F2 would work but I require only one data source connection.