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    Tableau server data refresh issue

    Shriram V

      I'm connecting to MS SQL live and my data is getting refreshed every sunday & Monday Night. I'm pointing to a single table and populating around 10 tabs (Which is a single TWBX file which I have published in tableau server). Every Monday early morning & Tuesday early morning when I click refresh button in tableau server and in all 12 tabs I'm seeing the refreshed data. Today I have encountered a problem. When I click refresh button in server all the 12 tabs has been refreshed to latest data. But in a single tab if I select a particular value in a dimension filter (Package filter which is a string field) it is not showing the latest data. All the other tabs for the same selected values in package filter is showing the latest data. Ideally It should also show the latest data.If i Click refresh button again in server that particular tab with that particular selected filter values also show latest data.


      Let me know why this unusual behavior is happening.


      Refer the screen shots for your reference.


      Wrong data doesn't show the latest data (it is showing 21 Feb, 2016 data).

      Proper data image shows latest data (it is showing 22 Feb, 2016 data)