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    Enterprise Tableau User Group Webinar: Workbook Performance Tips & Tricks

    Mark Wu

      Learn some tips and tricks on how to optimize your workbooks from Zen Master Mike Roberts


      When : March. 1st Tue, 9-10am PST


      Agenda: Tableau Workbook Performance Optimization


      Speaker: Mike Roberts - Zen Master




      This session will focus on the art of maintaining and tuning your Tableau workbooks so they are fast on Tableau Server. We’ll discuss workbook performance as it relates to: (1) Tableau metadata (PostgreSQL), (2) machine level stats (performance monitoring of the actual Server) and (3) Alerting and real-time notifications about poorly designed workbooks.


      Some topics we’ll discuss include: what can influence the latency of workbooks, the time it takes to load particular views and how we can integrate this performance monitoring with tools like Slack.


      Bonus! We’ll show how to give each user (or team) a daily digest of workbook performance.


      Click https://enterprisetug.eventbrite.com to register. Zoom login details will be provided in your confirmation email.