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    Upgrading from 9.0 to 9.2

    Pat Willinger

      We are upgrading our Tableau production deployment from version 9.0.6 to 9.2.3 this week, configuration is 1 primary and 2 workers.  Previous upgrades were rather straight forward as the primary server pushed the upgrade out to the workers but that was within the same version and we're jumping up this time.


      Any suggestions or experiences from the community?




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          Jeff Strauss

          Upgrade to 9.2


          the instructions for upgrading vary dependent on the jump that you are making, here's my understanding.  And my suggestion based on what we do is to put together a step-by-step implementation plan so that you don't forget anything when you're doing it on prod.  Also, we have a test plan that we've built up for our specific deployment that we approve on dev prior to doing anything on prod.


          1. from 9.0.x to 9.0.6 - uninstall primary and then install new version on primary.  New version will be pushed down


          2. from 9.0.6 to 9.2.3 - uninstall primary and worker software via control panel add/remove programs.  Install workers and then install primary


          3. from 9.x.x to 10 (clean install) - take a backup of prod.  uninstall primary and workers.  delete the Tableau working directories.  Install new software.  Run a restore.




          P.S. I am moving this to the server admin part of the forum.