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    Problem with Donut chart due to -ve values

    Somok Sarkar

      Hello Folks,


      I came across a requirement where with the help of a donut chart I am unable to represent the data. I tried to replicate the data.


      In the chart I am using 2 measure value's 1. Target Achieved and 2. remaining target.


      Now for few cases I have Target achieved is more than that projection.


      Eg 1 . Prod 1 Target is 70, Achieved 60, so remaining is 10. Now this 60+10 would create the donut/pie.

      however in another case I have Prod 5 Target is 70, Achieved 100, so remaining is -30. since its in negative hence representation wouldn't be correct. Can someone please give me so idea about any better representation?

      I know -ve and +ve both value plotting as a pie wouldn't be possible.


      So any other view, like if the chart color change could help a better representation?


      Attached the excel and the .twbx file.

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          Charlie Archer

          Hi Somok,


          In examples where you want to compare a value against a target, i tend to use a bullet chart.


          In your example:


          - Add [Name] to Columns

          - Add [SUM(Sales)] and [SUM(target)] to Rows

          - Create a dual axis on rows

          - Change [SUM(Sales)] to mark 'Bar' and [SUM(target)] to mark 'Gantt'

          - Change colours and reformat


          This will now show performance relative to the target and show over-performance more effectively than you would be able to with a donut chart.


          Another way of doing this would be using a standard bar chart and adding a reference line to the x-axis (right click).


          For either option you could use a parameter to make this more dynamic.