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    No preview window when publishing to Tableau Public

    Zhaoyang Jiang

      Hello Forums,


      I'm trying to publish a dashboard to Tableau Public following the instruction here

      Saving Workbooks to Tableau Public


      But after I type in the user name and password, it skips the step 3 and goes to publishing process directly.

      Doesn't give me the preview window where i can select "Views to Share" or "Show Sheets as Tabs Option"


      And the published dashboard only have the current sheet, couldn't jump to other sheets that I've created in the workbook.

      How should I solve this?


      Any help would be appreciated!



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          This is an interesting behavior but, I believe that Tableau Desktop is functioning properly with it now directing to the published viz instead of the preview screen in Step 3, as I believe all this functionality addressed in Step 3 can be edited within the 'edit workbook' page on Tableau Public. I will be submitting a change to the documentation.


          Thanks for bringing this to our attention, let me know if there is some functionality that you cannot access due to this issue or if you have any additional questions.