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    Looking forward to our first user group on the 22nd March

    Simon Beaumont

      Hi everyone,


      I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on March 22nd in Basingstoke for our first UK Healthcare User Group. Don't forget that thanks to the great folk at Concentra we have a competition running for anyone attending the User Group. A prize will be awarded on the day for the best visualisation created using the healthcare data set (it is based upon imaginary data) that is attached to this post and will also be emailed to you once you have registered to attend the User Group. You are welcome to link any additional data sources that you feel would compliment the data set; once your visualisation is complete could you please submit the packaged Tableau workbook to my Southern Health email (simon.beaumont@southernhealth.nhs.uk). The closing date for entries will be 5pm Friday 12th March 2016.


      Good luck and may the best visualisation win!