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    Migrating Tableau app from Dev to Test

    Phung Le

      I have developed a Tableau app using tds on the Dev server, and it is working fine. Now I would like to migrate this to our Test server. Is there a recommended process? I tried to copy the app and just change the datasources, but it seems to always point to the Dev server. I thought about creating a similar app for the Test server, but then maintenance would be an issue if I need to change the visuals.

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          As I understand there has been an application created in a dev environment and there is an need to migrate this to a test environment. To better assist with this issue some additional information would be greatly appreciated. This application that has been built, is this a workbook, a API, is this created on a Tableau server instance? What is the intended functionality of this application that has been created? Please respond with answers to any of these questions or additional questions that may arise by responding to this post.