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    Server error messages more cryptic in 9.2.4.

    Diane Economides

      Heads up - There is also an issue with the error messages being displayed in Tableau Server 9.2.4.  I'm comparing a report in 9.2.4 next to the same report in 9.0.5 and the detail is missing, leaving a very cryptic message that is hard to troubleshoot.  It looks like a database table no longer exists that a particular view was using, and I have the detail in the 9.0.5 server error message (database info redacted for security) but not in the 9.2.4 error message.  I am reluctant to move forward with this version because it will force me to send all my errors to Tableau Support when something like this is an internal database issue and has nothing to do with the Tableau software.


      9.0.5 error:

      9.0.5 error.png


      9.2.4 error:

      9.2.4 error.png