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    Membership decay rate

    jim gustin

      Hello, I am fairly new and just trying to get something figured out but am having a difficult time with. I want to display a rate of membership decline grouped by each month


      My data is something like this where I have a join date and a cancel date



      M5342677517Gothem CityCCanceled12/16/20162/1/2016



      I want to have the total records shown at the start of my timeline then show the rate of decay as memberships cancel and have these group by each month the joined. So when I present a report it show the decay for each month for a period of time . Any help would be much appreciated.

      I need to show how the membership sales depreciated for each month over a time period  so I have 2000 sales in december then 100 canceled of these sold in December in january and 150 in February and then also show 2005 sales in November and 80 canceled in december and 100 canceled in january and 150 in february but show both lines in since so that they both start on the same and each column is 1 month so they will there timelines are in sinc.