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    Dynamic deviation


      Hi Guys,


      I have a requirement to have a kind of deviation filters.

      Basically, I have a Calculated field which calculates:

      IF (MIN(Profit) > MIN(ProfitPY))  then "Bad"

      ELSEIF (MIN(Profit = MIN(ProfitPY)) then "Stable"

      ELSEIF (MIN(Profit) < MIN(ProfitPY)) then "Good"



      So in general it works like this:


      Profit = 99 and ProfitPY = 100 --> Bad

      Profit = 100 and ProfitPY = 100 --> Stable

      Profit = 101 and ProfitPY = 100 --> Good


      I would like to have a filter/filters to be able to choose deviation, let's say from 1 % - 1 % so then I will have something like this:


      Profit = 98 and ProfitPY = 100 --> Bad

      Profit = 100 and ProfitPY = 101 --> Stable

      Profit = 101 and ProfitPY = 102 --> Stable


      Is it possible in Tableau? I have not used this solution anywhere so that's why I ask

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          Vladislav Grigorov



          This seems absolutely doable in Tableau by using a parameter to define your deviation threshold percentage, and then incorporating this into your classification logic, to come to a proper result. If you need asymmetrical interval, then two parameters might be needed. Also if your reference field [ProfitPY] is not some kind of constant, you may need to use LoD expressions to get to the proper value at the level of granularity you need.


          I believe watching the on-demand videos on parameters would be sufficient to give you a good idea on how you can approach this.