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    Extract Refresh in Tableau Desktop 9.2.4 not happening properly

    Sathya Raj Eswaran

      Hi ,

      I recently upgraded to Tableau 9.2.4 ,whenever i refresh my data source,the refresh is not happening properly. The data in the existing sheet is not updated  however  when I create the same calculation in a different worksheet ,I am getting updated values.I have deleted the extract and recreated the same,but still I am facing the issue.Could any one of you help me on this ?.

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          I would love to assist with this issue but have a few additional questions that could help me narrow down the root cause of the issue. As well as if this is still a prevailing issue preventing work, I would suggest opening a support case with our Support Team.


          + Is this an isolated issue?

          + Or is it all workbooks that are attempting to be opened and refreshed by the new 9.2.4 Tableau Desktop are experiencing this issue?

          + What type of data source are these extracts being ran on?

          + The extracts that are being updated are they extremely large? >100,000 rows of data?

          + Are you able to create the extract with the correct data at all?