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    To highlight graph in certain condition.

    seungyeon lee



      I'd like to make all the values on X-axis(Avg Covered Changes and Avg Total PMT) to high light the graph or label if Covered Charges is greater than Avg Total PMT. How can I do that?


      Also, If I can, can I make the graph to highlight the differences?


      Thank you

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi seungyeon,


          You may try to use a Boolean field on Color:


          // Covered ?


          AVG([Covered Charges]) > AVG([Total PMT])


          Place it on a Mark shelf above Measure Names pill (which is on Color),

          and then set it to a Color, too. You'll have two blue pills on Color,

          so their values combination give you an option to choose colors

          and to highlight using a Color palette.


          Please find the attached wb as an example.

          Hope it could help.