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    Tableau Public Embed Blocked

    Brian Crawford



      I'm trying to embed a Tableau Public map into a Wordpress site and I'm running into problems. I can see the embed on the backend, but on the front end browser security errors are blocking the frame. I've searched and seen this question pop up a few times, but mostly it was embedding HTTP into a HTTPS issue.


      The error I'm seeing is http on both ends, so I'm a little stuck on how to fix this.




      Blocked a frame with origin "http://public.tableau.com" from accessing a frame with origin "<url masked>". Protocols, domains, and ports must match.


      As an added wrinkle in this, I switched to the standard WP TwentySixteen theme for testing. The same errors popped up, but the map displayed on the front end.


      Any thoughts on how to solve?