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    refreshing a data source wipes out my plots

    Bhushan Thakar



      I am importing data from an Excel sheet using "Extract" option but when I refreshed the data set accidentally, it wiped out all of my charts from the sheets. The strange thing is the sets and other activities I created all exist but no chart is being constructed. I can't even plot any simple bar graphs using existing field variables (not using sets).


      It happens even when I don't refresh the data source.




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          Bill Lyons

          Can you post an example packaged workbook (.twbx)?


          I have never seen a data refresh wipe out the structure of a view. Things I have seen, and other possibilities I can think of:

          • The data in the Excel sheet has changed such that there is no data to show in the view. There would still be pills on the various shelves, but the view is blank. In this case, check the filters and the data.
          • The structure of the Excel sheet has changed such that the fields no longer associate properly. For example, if a blank row was inserted above the column labels, or columns were renamed. Tableau can no longer find the fields that it expects to see. In this case, the pills would be red, and the fields would be displayed with the red exclamation point indicating an error. Rebuilding the data source connector would be necessary.
          • A corrupted workbook file (.twb) or Excel file.


          If these don't help, I suggest opening as case with Tableau Support.