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    Adding a running total to a bar chart

    David Wismer

      Is it possible to add a running total calculation to a stacked bar chart? I've been able to add a running total to a text table, but that same calculation is not producing a running total for the bar chart I am trying to create. The working formula for the running total is as follows:


      running_sum(sum([Recognized Revenue]))


      You can see that the running sum in the second column of the table below is performing a running sum on the first column (Recognized Revenue).



      My question is how do I get this running total column to be usable within a bar graph? If I just duplicate this sheet and then reorganize the data as shown below, the Recognized Revenue and Recognized Revenue Running Total are the same. The running total is not working properly. Help!


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          Hey David!


          You are going to need to bring revised revenue as a separate pill next to measure values on rows. Click on the dropdown and select dual axis. Then right click on the axis and click synchronize axis. Also right click on the left axis and select move marks to front.



          The 1st bar wouldn't have the pink section because its the first month. Hope this helps!