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    Tabjolt data retreiver error

    Navneet Gupta



      I have set up tabjolt on my laptop (2 cores, 12 GB memory) . it runs fine when I execute the test case for less than 20 users. but with 20 users I start getting following error . A separate message pops up saying data retriever.exe has stopped working correctly.


      Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to

      an instance of an object.

         at Com.Tableausoftware.DataRetriever.Core.CounterSampler.Dispose()

         at Com.Tableausoftware.DataRetriever.Console.Program.StartMonitoring()

         at Com.Tableausoftware.DataRetriever.Console.Program.Main(String[] args)


      Can you suggest why am I getting this error?