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    Nest One View within a Data point of another

    Nate Dunlevy

      I want to build a bar graph where each bar is clickable and would reveal a related bar graph of the underlying data.


      To wit:


      Bar one is the total percentage of questions a class answered correctly out of the possible questions. Bar two is the  total percentage of questions a class attempted out of the possible questions.


      When the viewer drills into the first bar, I want them to see the data that was aggregated to produce that bar. That is, the number of questions correct per student, presented in a sorted bar graph. This could be another view, perhaps. I.e. the first bar could just 'hyperlink' to the corresponding view.


      I've attached a sample workbook.

      The tabs in question are "Percent of questions attempted" and "initial response correct Type 1"


      Ideally, clicking the first bar in the "percent of questions..." tab would result in a view of "initial response correct type 1".

      I don't care if this is a true drill-down effect or a mimicked effect by linking to a different view.

      Ideally, I'd do this for each bar on the first chart.

      Is this possible?

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          Nate Dunlevy

          So, I'm learning enough to see the answer maybe in Action filters.


          This thread seems to have the right track, but I can't figure out how to apply it to my data.


          The problem I'm having is how to set up my initial table correctly.


          How do I create the field that ties it all together?


          Do I need to create a pivot field that classifies which data type I'm using, then create a series of If statements that would jump to second sheet correctly filtered?


          Here's my latest attempt, but I'm lost in the weeds.


          I have summarized calculated fields, and I'd like a click on the bar to link underlying data filtered to that measure value from the raw data.


          In other words, I want to see the class performance averaged over various categories, then a click on the category to reveal the individual students that created the composite.