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    how to connect Oracle data base from Tableau server


      Hello All,


             We have a situation where my server is located on one server machine A.

             we are accessing server from my local machine(B)

             Tableau desktop and data base is located in another system(C).

             we have taken workbook from machine C and published to server using machine B.


            How the data is connected in live for the published workbook.

            How data will refreshed for published reports.


      Please advise .


      Thanks in Advance.


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          Brian Coggon

          Hi Samad,


          If you have published a workbook connected to a live data source, the data source will be "live".  If you have used an extracted data source then you will need to review Tableau's connecting to data video series the first of which can be found here: Getting Started with Data | Tableau Software .


          There are a couple of ways to refresh the data once a workbook is published.  A user can do a manual refresh on a worksheet. The server can also have a scheduled extract refresh. Understanding the needs of your users, the demand for fresh vs. stale data, and the size of the data source are all factors that will play into choosing a schedule and method for working with a data source.


          If this answers your question please let us know - if you have a deeper question please add additional detail so we can better understand your challenge...


          Hope this helps.